Saturday, 26 September 2015

Exquisite Portraits - Find the Best Pet Artist Online

If you want to truly appreciate the presence of your beautiful little pets in your life, there is nothing better than getting their pet portraits done. Even the most high-resolution pictures fail to capture your pet’s personality and physical features the way oil portraits do. This is why it is best to commission the best oil petportrait artist you can find and spend a little fortune if you want do justice to your little furballs.

A little research on the internet will lead you to the best artists around the world who specialize in dog portraits and other mediums as well. Do not be disappointed if you own a cat or another pet instead. Many artists also paint portraits of other animals, including horses and cats. Any pet can be brought to life by a good pet portrait artist, but they do not necessarily have to work in oils. You can choose almost any medium you want. If you are in a hurry, you can get pen and pencil sketches and commission oil pet portraits later from photos and those sketches.

Of course, dog portraits in oil make fabulous gifts for members of the family if the pet is not around any longer. Children like to remember their pets, but everyone’s memory fades after a while, and it is nice to recall the animal just by looking at oil pet portraits. An oil pet portrait artist selects very carefully the colors they will use, so, if you are using photos to have your portrait painted of the pet, you should give them several so they have a better understanding of the colors of the coat and be able to shade and blend correctly. If you have had your pet buried, you can also commission the artist to paint urn for your pet.

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