Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Find Out How To Increase Blog Traffic
Off page, SEO is the counterpart of the on pageseo tactics. Essentially, off page tactics are the ones, which can be employed outside the website that is being optimized. If you are wondering how to boost sales, rest assured that it will need more and more people visiting your website, which can effectively be achieved by applying these SEO tactics.
Some of the popular methods of this type of SEO can include social bookmarking, social media, etc. However, most of these tactics are worth implementing for B2C businesses. But when it is about B2B businesses then you may have to think out of the box.
Furthermore, here it is assumed that all the basics have been taken care of. The URL of your website has been submitted to the major search engines such as Google. Plus, submissions have also been made to the directories. With that being said, here are some important and effective off page SEO tactics that should be employed by B2B businesses for getting their rankings improved in major search engines.
The first and most effective tactic to increaseblog traffic is forum posting and blog commenting. Of course, blogging is interactive, and blogs keep updating all the time. All these factors contribute to the effectiveness of this technique. The companies using this tactic usually get 67% increased lead generation compared to those who just pass this tactic on. Forum posting also has its impact on the overall SEO of your Blog as it helps in building inbound links that point to the website of your company. Your website is partly evaluated by Google depending on how many “quality” links are there to your site from other websites. Commenting on forums will allow you to generate links to your site because you are their trusted contributor.
Marketing circles have seen a big share of content marketing in the last couple of years. These days, content marketing has grown into something that is more than only a buzz in the crowd. It is considered as mainstream marketing. So, if you want to know how to boost sales, that is your catch here! Content marketing can include web content, article marketing, case studies, white papers, etc.
Link building is another great tactic to be employed here. The emphasis should be on quality here as well instead of quantity. Page rank is assigned by Google depending on Authority. Therefore, if external links are there to your business website, it is recognized by Google, and your website gets a higher PR (Page Rank). But how it can be achieved?
Well, you can do this by creating useful and relevant content. It is only unique content that helps increase blog traffic. You can go for either of audio, video, or text. But this off page SEO tactic requires the content that is original as well as highly shareable so that inbound links to your site increase in number.

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