Friday, 16 October 2015

3 False Way about How to Defrost Chicken That You Should Not Use

Actually, you can find so many inappropriate ways or false ways to defrost chicken. However, only 3 of those ways often used by people.
So, what kind of false way to defrost chicken that often used by people? People are often using these 3 false ways to defrost chicken:
  1. Defrost it in the room temperature.
The first false way to defrost chicken which often used by people is defrosting it in the room temperature. It is true that you are able to defrost chicken with putting it on your kitchen table. Unfortunately, that way to defrost chicken is not healthy at all. If you defrost chicken meat with using this method, you will give huge chance for your chicken meat get bacterial contamination.
  1. Defrost it with using microwave too long.
Defrosting chicken meat with using microwave is not false way. However, it is able to turn into false way if you are too long warming the frosted chicken meat inside of microwave. Too long warming up the frosted chicken meat inside of microwave will only increase the bacterial growth and it surely make your chicken meat turn into bad food to be consumed.
Defrost it with using water tap
The third false way to defrost the chicken meat is with using water tap. Actually, defrosting chicken meat with using water tap in the sink is not a big problem. It will become a problem if you defrost it in a sink without wrap it with Ziploc plastic bag. Defrosting your chicken meat with using water tap and let the chicken meat has direct contact with water tap will make it vulnerable to bacterial contamination.
The Other Important Thing That You Should Know about How to Defrost Chicken Meat
Beside of understanding about how to defrost chicken meat properly, you also need to know some important thing to ensure that your chicken meat will keep healthy to be consumed. After defrosting the chicken meat, you cannot defrost it again. Defrosting chicken meat is only able to do once time. If you have defrosted it, then you should cook it.

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