Wednesday, 25 November 2015

How escorts and prostitutes earn their money

Most people think of escorts as prostitutes. But is there a difference between an amsterdam escort and a prostitute? To an average citizen living in Amsterdam, there is actually no difference between an escort and a prostitute. But in reality, the business models under escort services and prostitution are very different. There are differences in how escorts and prostitutes earn their money. A prostitute basically earns money by offering sexual favors to her clients. In countries that have legalized prostitution, earning money by offering sexual favors is actually legal. One thing about prostitution is that despite it being legalized in some countries, those working in this industry are not allowed to advertise their services to the general public.

Prostitutes are therefore required to look for their own means of advertising themselves because they are not also allowed to advertise themselves online. In fact, the word prostitution carries with it some ethical issues and advertising yourself as a prostitute sound non-ethical. While some countries have legalized prostitution, there are other activities in the prostitution business that can make the business illegal. For example, it is illegal for girls below 18 years to engage in prostitution and any person caught with a girl below legal age faces prosecution. In addition, working as prostitutes on the streets is illegal and prostitutes are therefore required to be in designated areas. Generally, the way prostitutes work is not the same way as an escort amsterdam works.

An escort is different from a prostitute because an escort is a profession. In most countries, being an escort is accepted as being in a respectable business. Unlike in prostitution where the only services offered are sexual services, an escort offers different types of services to clients. Escorts also offer massage services and some can act as personal assistants. It is true that an escort service also offers sexual favors. However, sexual favors can only happen if both the escort and the client come into agreement. Escorts offer their clients with companionship and this is usually for a specific period of time. There is no companionship in prostitution and the relationship between a client and a prostitute usually ends after a sexual encounter.

Escorts have the advantage of advertising themselves. They can advertise themselves both locally and online. This is actually one reason why it is easier to find an amsterdam escortthan it is to find a prostitute. When hiring an escort, you are actually hiring to get quality services. Most escorts are highly intelligent and smart and will work with you throughout your stay with them. Since escorts do not advertise themselves as people who offer sexual favors and you cannot hire an escort based on this factor, it makes escort services completely legitimate services. 

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